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ROI Guarantee

Once we believe your project is a good fit, we will guarantee the ROI.
Our promotion normally produce ROI of 1:3x - 1:30x

But, if we don't raise you as much as you spent with us, we'll refund you your money.

Service Overview:

- Basic Package: $399USD. Your project will be featured in one of the spots between the 2nd to 5th positions of a shared newsletter.

- Top Spot Package: $599USD. Your project will be featured in the 1st spot of a shared newsletter.

- Dedicated Package: $899USD. Your project will be featured in a dedicated newsletter.

Newsletter Schedule

We run our newsletters throughout the week, which means that we can find the best time to fit you in and help boost your campaign's traffic and improve its ranking on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


How does BackerSpace newsletter work?

Shared Newsletter Template: Our newsletter features 5 outstanding client campaigns in each edition. For maximum appeal and engagement, we present each project with an eye-catching lead image that showcases the most compelling or intriguing aspect of the campaign. Accompanying the feature image is a brief but powerful summary paragraph that highlights the campaign’s key goals, audience, messages, and results.

Readers can then browse the diverse project selections and choose to learn more about whichever ones interest them most. By clicking through to the full campaign details, they can explore the multifaceted campaign in depth and take action by accessing the prominent call-to-action.

Dedicated Newsletter Template: The dedicated newsletter will showcase one client campaign exclusively. To present your campaign to our audience in the utmost comprehensive detail, we will utilize 5 professionally-designed images to capture key highlights, along with 5 in-depth paragraphs outlining the goals, strategy, content, results, and impact of your campaign. 

This multi-dimensional coverage will give readers a full understanding of your project and a compelling reason to click through to your campaign page. With this unparalleled level of exposure and coverage, your campaign is sure to capture significant attention and interest from our engaged audience